Not all solids are created equal. What does this mean? Well, certain kinds of functional groups on the molecule, such as the alcohol, or —OH group, are like little magnets that bind the molecules to each other and make them clump up as a solid. Sucrose, or table sugar, has eight alcohol functional groups.

This gives it a crystalline structure and the ability to dissolve in strongly polar solvents such as water. On the other hand, THC only has one alcohol functional group.

CBD Distillate and Crystallization – Everything You Need to Know

The other oxygen is an ether, which is less polar than an alcohol because it is not a hydrogen bond donor. Other portions of the molecule including the terpenoid portion, the benzene ring, and the pentane tail contribute hydrophobic character to the molecule, so even though alcohol groups are present, neither of these cannabinoids are polar enough overall to dissolve well in water, but organic solvents, such as ethanol and methanol will dissolve them more readily.

You might be thinking, a solid is a solid, so why does this matter? It matters for recrystallization. The one that is less solid, the THC. The one that is more solid, the CBD. THC and CBD are both soluble in alcohol solvents, which is very useful for extraction, but for a recrystallization procedure, a solvent that is a little more selective about what it can dissolve is necessary.

A less polar solvent, such as pentane, is needed so at the end of recrystallization the final product can be filtered and collected as a solid. Pentane is just a straight chain consisting of 5 carbons, a very nonpolar solvent. For recrystallization, temperature control is the trick. When the pentane is near its boiling point 36Cit can actually dissolve the cannabinoids just from that extra input of kinetic energy, and when the solution cools back down to room temperature, which molecule do you think will precipitate first?

The CBD! These writings are for the purpose of educating and advising those that are striving to achieve GMP standards in the cannabis industry. The intention is that by increasing the knowledge of chemistry principles, you will be able to develop safer, more efficient, reliable, and inventive procedures for your cannabis manufacturing company.

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No procedures or ideas developed based on these writings should be attempted without the same safety precautions that would be employed in an industrial or academic setting. Skip to content. Follow Us On:. Denver, Colorado USA.It was very viscous, looked almost like THC distillate to be honest. Has someone found out a way to prevent CBD distillate from re-crystallizing?

No idea how the hell you would achieve that, but unless this COA is complete bullshit, it looks like this guy or someone he knows has it figured out. He claimed they were doing something in their post-processing techniques that was preventing the re-crystallization and that they had let carts sit our for months and there was no re-crystallization.

Right now, I am thinking about taking the distillate from the cartridges and sending it into a lab for testing to get a reliable COA… I will attach a photo of the cartridge so everyone can see it.

From my knowledge the only way to make cbd that wont crystallize over time is to recarb it and make it CBD-A I only know of 1 person who can do thisthe other 2 methods slow the crystallization process but can never fully prevent it. Thank you!! This is hugely helpful. I am going to look into this some more. Pure distillate wont start flowing until it is VERY hot. Triethyl citrate when used in low amounts does not impact taste much. Ok, thank you! I am going to dive into some research on Triethyl citrate and caprillic acid for this application… So the idea is to swing the pH to be more acidic before distillation?

Fucking with the ph before distillation, you will get THC. You will then need to toss the extract or risk getting raided. Like I said, IF you do it right you can get no isomerization. I dont think he uses acid though and he isnt putting something in the flask. You can use magnesium oxide to get isomerization too.

So this might very well change the way I was going to filter my upcoming hemp extract using this instead of celite… Not to derail this thread, but could you elaborate on that? It happens when the clay is in the boiling flask during distillation. The picture you sent it looks unused. After heating the cart and using it, did the cart start to crystalize?

Yeah when I took the pic it was unused.

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I have since used about half of it and still not a bit of crystallization… I have talked to the the guys who gave it to me a bit and all he could really tell me was that the something was done to the winterized crude, and that it was actually NOT distilled.

He said the oil was like a slab of shatter, just much less stable. Sorry if this makes no sense, but I am just relaying what he was telling me. He was not one of the guys who actually makes it, but he is an investor for them. Something like this? Jar on the right is CBD distillate from the jar on the left. Hash and Stuff. ZizzleB December 13,pm 1. Crystalisation inhibitor. Kingofthekush December 13,pm 3. ZizzleB December 13,pm 4. ZizzleB December 13,pm 5.

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ZizzleB December 13,pm 7. ZizzleB December 13,pm 8. ZizzleB December 13,pm Disclaimer — this post does not address all the safety issues for crystallization of CBD, Pentane and other volatiles can be very dangerous due to their low flash points. As always, wear safety glasses and other personal protective gear when working in a lab. The starting material should be extracted CBD oil that has been winterized and distilled.

CBD distillate should be clear. Cloudiness means there are contaminants like water, waxes and fats. If the oil is cloudy try winterizing again until the oil becomes clear. A glass jacketed vessel with stirring will be used to dissolve and crystallize the CBD. ACS grade pentane will be the solvent. This can be dangerous stuff. Consult your safety officer!

Dissolve the clear CBD oil in pentane. Even at lower temperatures, pentane will release many vapors. Add 1 part pentane to 2 parts CBD oil some oils require slightly more or less pentane in the jacketed vessel.

Slow the stirring. As the solution cools it will become more viscous. Adjust the stirrer to keep the RPM above Keep reducing the temperature to at least C. What temperatures you use and how they change over time can change the growth of the crystals.

Once precipitation stops, flush or physically remove The CBD crystals from the reactor. Rinse the crystals with ice-cold pentane to rinse impurities from the crystal surfaces. More rinses with pentane can improve poor color, but losses in total yield will occur. Keeping the CBD and materials cold during this step will help give you a better yield. The mother liquor still contains dissolved CBD. This solution can be reprocessed!

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One caveat is that the mother liquor will accumulate THC over time. This sets a practical limitation to the number of crystallization.

Could you make isolate with a lower percentage? Yes it is possible to crystallize CBD from low purity crude or poorly refined oil. However, low starting purity will reduce both yield and purity of the crystallized CBD. This will cause you to need a recrystallization step which is not the end of the world but has a real cost. I am interested in doing this process not on a lab, but more industrial process, do you know of someone who sells this equipment? At this time, there is not an industrial scale solution on the market.

Anything like that would be custom designed and manufactured. We are able to prove vessels with 20 L up to L capacity.CBD extraction has come a long way since its humble beginnings just a few short years ago. What exactly is cannabis distillate, though? And what makes it such a superior product? Distillates are also one of the most potent types of concentrates that exist.

Distillation of cannabis allows for the extraction of cannabinoids that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has infinite potential as far as application is concerned. For one, distillate is cannabis in one of its purest forms.

The remaining 20 percent is comprised of other minor cannabinoidsterpenesand various other oils and plant extracts. Before distillation, there were typically two principal methods of producing cannabis concentrates. One used a solvent like butane or alcohol to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plant. Using solvents like these is how concentrates such as shatter and wax are made.

The other sometimes referred to as solventless extraction uses pressure or rinsing extraction techniques to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. Using such methods results in concentrated cannabis products like rosin and bubble hash. High pressure, solventless extraction is also the most commonly used method used for extracting CBD from hemp to make CBD products like tincturescapsulesand topicals.

Like most things, both extraction processes have their pros and cons. There can be residual solvents or plant matter found in the final product. Distillation is an extraction process that separates and refines cannabinoids at a molecular level.

The production of cannabis distillate begins with crude extraction, or the primary extraction methods that uses a solvent or physical means to extract various cannabinoids. Remaining impurities in this extracted oil fats, lipids, and other various compounds must then be removed in order for the oil to be separated even further.

The next step of creating cannabis distillate is a process known as winterization. This method mixes the crude extract with ethanol, where it is then placed in a very cold environment for hours.

Any remaining impurities congeal in the cold temperatures and separate, where they fall to the bottom of the container. This process is very similar to that of baking a chicken.

why does cbd distillate crystallize

Think about it. When you bake a chicken, the excess grease and juices aka impurities drip down into the pan and then coagulate when cooled. During winterization, the crude extract and ethanol solution is passed through a filter, where the ethanol is removed. This is typically done using a rotary evaporation technique. Decarboxylation is what happens every time someone lights up a joint.

Lastly, this extracted, winterized, decarboxylated material goes through the distillation process. Here it is put in a short path steam distillation or frational distillation chamber several times in order to purify the desired cannabinoid typically CBD or THC into a pure, isolated state.

Short path distillation uses vacuum pressure, heat, and steam to influence boiling points to expose compounds to cooler temperatures when they are passed through the distillation chamber. Depending on what technique is used, cannabinoid compounds can be fractionated by themselves or together for collection.

Distillate could go through this process several times in order to create the purest substance possible.

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The final product of cannabis distillation is sap that is very similar to extremely refined honey. The fine art of distillation is popular for both CBD and THC, and the application of distillate products reaches far and wide.

Remember, cannabis distillate is almost as close to pure cannabinoid oil that you can get. Distillate can either be used as it is a virtually tasteless and odorless compound or mixed with other products to create a powerful therapeutic application. CBD isolate is processed to a point where any remaining minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or residual plant matter is removed.We're back!

Thank you for everyones patients! We are back up and running now. For best experience, use with our Slim Heat Batterywhich has a built in cartridge preheat chamber. Click Here to read more about this unique, amazing battery. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. If you want a mix of specific strains, please mention them in the notes field upon checking out your order.

CBD Recrystallization

Please make sure to check out our CBD Distillate lab results. We recently have been receiving emails and complaints from users who have found that their CBD distillate Vape Cart has crystallized. Crystallized CBD distillate is not a sign of a defective product. Once cooled down and after some time the CBD crystals will begin to form back together creating crystallization. Your Email required. Sign up for the newsletter. Follow us. Rated 5. Verified owner.

Rated 5 out of 5. Great products, hits smoothly and consistently. I have tried charlotte's web and it tasted much better than other carts I have purchased from other mail orders. I would definitely recommend!

why does cbd distillate crystallize

Charlotte's Web. Highly recommend this, very clean, nice taste and instant relief. Thank you everyone at distillatedirect! Got the Charlotte's Web. Consistency of the distillate is perfect. Vapes beautifully. Smooth taste for almost pure CBD. Works wonders for anxiety and chronic pain issues. Miam merci. Great thank you. The taste, the price, the buzz, ect. Amazing for receiving yourself from pain or a bad trip Tried the CBD shark after hearing about all the benefits of cbd and not finding alot of success with tinctures etc!

Charlotte's Web takes my back pain away. Waiting for more to be in stock im so i happy i found something that works, traditional weed only causes more pain for me. Decided to order to give it a try, and WOW after a couple pulls these carts pull super hard, be warned it does exactly what is needed, makes you super relaxed in a couple mins!!

Highly recommend this, does the job in making my anxiety go away, will be ordering more in the near future. I get bad anxiety and this really takes the edge off.

why does cbd distillate crystallize

I love using CBD oil during the day and then honey oil at night ; Will be ordering again soon!The distillation process applied to cannabis is something new we are having at the moment and people are saluting the idea, to say the least. Some even believe the new extraction technique is the next generation of commercial marijuana.

The process of distillation, namely, is the cannabinoids being distilled from the plant matter. Through this technique, the concentrated matter is pure down to its molecular level. So far scientists have created two methods of distillation.

Regardless of the way you use marijuana, recreationally or therapeutically, you can reap the benefits of using a CBD distillate from time to time. Namely, in order to produce a concentrate from cannabis, so far you would have had to use a solvent, usually alcohol. This dissolves the plant matter from the cannabinoids and you are able to extract only the important substituents from it.

The bubble hash, the full-melt hash, and the flower rosin all use another technique and not alcohol.

why does cbd distillate crystallize

They are all made by using pressure through a rinsing method in order to expel the cannabinoids and the terpenes. All the other concentrates have some residue left whether is from the solvent, the alcohol, or the plant matter itself. The CBD distillate products, on the other hand, are made only by refining molecules and separating them from the chlorophyll that is normally present in the plant. Furthermore, into the process of the CBD distillate products, they are made through heat. Namely, heat is used to vaporize cannabinoids, after which the vapor is collected and cooled down in the distillation cooling system.

It is in this distillation cooling system that all the residue from the plant matter is being expelled and you are left with pure CBD distillate concentration in a liquid form. The distillation process is something you yourself can do at home. So long you have the right equipment, of course. But if health is in question, or you simply like to have a new hobby, then, by all means, read along.

After all, the product itself and the results from it are pretty amazing. Plus, out of all methods of creating cannabis-based concentrates, the CBD distillate process in the safest one. As mentioned before, by distilling the cannabis plant you are destroying all its terpenes because of the heat used in the process. You see, terpenes are quite sensitive to heat and can only be extracted at lower temperatures.

On the other hand, this is the thing that makes these distilled products so popular, the odorless and tasteless concentration of cannabis that can be taken anywhere anytime. Also, there is a way to extract the terpenes at a lower temperature, save them, and then infuse your CBD concentrate with them.

People draw back from these distillates because they see them as the future of marijuana engineering and a way of the Big Pharma getting in the way. Another negative side of the process is the pesticides. Namely, distillation is unable to remove the pesticides that are present in the living matter. Connect with us. How does it work?If you are here, the chances are good that you are wondering why is my CBD oil vape cart forming crystals?

Is it safe to use a crystallized vape cart? What can I do when my CBD oil vape cart crystallizes? Some naysayers not our customers have gone so far as to say that these crystallized carts are contaminated or shoddy in quality. You see, at such high potency our CBD oil vape carts contains a generous and very strong mg per full 1g cartridgeCBD will start to granulate out of the concentrate. To explain this better, allow me an analogy.

If you have bought or used high-grade, natural honey, then you know that it tends to crystallize. The overconcentration of sugar makes honey unstable, forcing sugar to granulate and therefore crystallize. The same can be said about an overabundance of CBD in a vape cart solution. For the CBD to crystallize out of the oil concentrate, there are two factors that need to be conducive:.

Since the potency is too high, the CBD might actually harden or crystallize at temperatures higher than this, which brings us to the next factor. Not all molecules are created equal. Molecules of CBD and its cousin THC, as well as sugars like sucrose, fructose, and maltose, have varying tendency to dissolve or crystallize in solvents solutions they are contained in.

Table sugar sucrose comprises 8 alcohols per molecule, which is why it tends to crystallize faster. CBD, on the other hand, has 2 alcohols per molecule, which is one more alcohol than what THC molecules have. Oftentimes that means that the more the molecules of CBD in a solution, the closer the alcohol -OH groups are. When the temperatures are right, the alcohol groups will force the molecules to bind tightly together, forming crystals.

This is where things get really interesting. The very thing that got you worried could be the reason you should be smiling after every vape! It so happens that only highly pure CBD oil tend to crystallize. Anything less potent, adulterated or flimsy CBD vape carts will not crystallize unless you freeze the darn thing.

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality full-spectrum vape carts that are made with a pure organic CBD distillate. CBD is equally good, safe and effective whether oil or crystals. However, we must admit that a crystallized CBD vape cart is hard to work with.

Again, CBD crystals melt at approximately Farenheits so your best bet is heating. Ensure to squeeze out as much air as possible. Run the ziplock bag under hot water for about five minutes to dissolve CBD crystals and turn them into fluid again. Ensure that the cart is positioned upright to prevent leakages through the mouthpiece. We hope that this explanation helps clear the air. If you Read More.

Global Cannabinoids - THC Free Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate

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Maximum Potency. You can remedy this in one of the following ways: a Put your vape cart in a ziplock bag or any other waterproof bag. Happy vaping!