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Hacks Cheat Codes. Celebrate the return of your favorite heroic characters, massive battles o. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Each warrior is available in different tiers for Water, Fire and Wood element types which you can find below. Detailed stats and information for each characters will be posted in the next few hours. You will then be able to see detailed stats for each warrior by clicking on their names in the list below.

Make sure to subscribe to our website to get notified when detailed stats are posted for each warrior. The Tier list below has been colored according to Water, Fire and Wood types in the game, so that you can easily identify the type to which they below. You can check out the complete list below. This list will be updated as soon as a new warrior is released in the game.

Also make sure you check out our post how to get 5 and 6 star officers in dynasty warriors unleashed. Looking at the tier list above you can see that currently there are a few characters who are available as a 5 star initially. Obviously 5 star warriors are the most strongest characters in the game. Share this post. Tags: dynasty warriors unleashed all characters listdynasty warriors unleashed all warriors listdynasty warriors unleashed complete tier listdynasty warriors unleashed most strongest warriorsdynasty warriors unleashed tier listdynasty warriors unleashed warriors list.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

I am going to share my experience on what's the best farming so far for me from what I read in the forums. I am not f2p though. Best thing to spend early ingot on is officer slots. I am at now. Doesn't feel enough.

Going for Keep 1 nat gold for the commons and you're good.

dynasty warriors unleashed exp list

LLQ is the single best auto farm toon. U just need 1 to farm elites. It's common enough.

dynasty warriors unleashed exp list

Average 1 every runs. U need damage. With enough officer space. Keep pulling jade disks. Use your guild valor points to buy the medium Bao from guild shop. Best value for 10 energy. A star scroll costs 3k. If you buy Bao instead. That translates to 3k valor and ingot for Bao energy. The small Bao is less cost efficient So jade disks pull and the Bao boost will boost your lvl up and your promotion fodder quickly.

Crescy and derangedlol like this. Since u get rank 1 rewards even if the boss fight is not finished. Even if 1 hit. Still good. It's free now.

dynasty warriors unleashed exp list

Abuse it. So pls grind as much boss fight as u can. The quest rewards also give you more Bao. It's a race to lvl 60 max skill.

My jade disks don't run out. Guild daily gives u valor. Early on you can use your flag points to occupy gold mines. It is worth it to use the small flag to take a gold mine if you have no energy. I make ingot a day now from gold mines. If you spent money on lvl up pack and want officers.Officers in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed are obtained by purchasing edicts sold at the market or clearing campaign battles.

Initially a blank state when recruited, they become strong by gaining levels for parameter growth and stars which unlock new attacks. Reaching 3 or more stars enables any officer to learn a unique skill and attain leadership status. Upon reaching account level 10, players can make use of karma to strengthen their team. This feature adds stat boosts that activate when a combination of officers are used in tandem. Effects stack with one another and can overlap with leadership skills. A combination consisting of three officers can perform a special team attack that fills up each time the player racks up a high combo count.

This maneuver can only be used in certain modes. When officers are deployed in certain modes like story battles or conquest missions, they earn a point for their bond gauge. Not only do they provide passive buffs to each copy of the player's officer, they also unlock exclusive stories, though these are currently unavailable. Should the player discard the last copy of a particular officer, that officer's story will be inaccessible until they are acquired once more.

Character Bond Lv. Chance 4. Dodge 4. Chance Crit. Musou: Eagle Talon Unleash a single strike with the elegance of spread wings. Ascent of the Swallow Attack with the agility of a flying swallow. Strike of the Stork Unleash a series of elegant strikes like a stork, improving personal attack speed.

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Flight of the Falcon Deliver a series of brutal attacks like a battle falcon. Prance of the Phoenix Perform a series of strikes with the majesty of a phoenix, bringing the attacker's prey into the air while gaining a shield.

Chance 5. Dodge 5. Musou: Whirlwind Strike Spin at incredible speed with both axes to slice through enemies. Ground Strike Jump forward and strike the ground with both axes to damage and stun enemies.

Stunning Slash Slash forward to unleash an energy blast that damages enemies in front of Zhang Liao. Power of Loyalty Provoke an earthquake to damage enemies while increasing own attack speed. Army Slayer Charge forward to deal damage to the enemy. Musou: Flurried Strike Spin forward and dash at the enemy. Reverse Sickle Spin around to hit the enemy with a hook attack.

Double Sickle Link both sickles together to slash the enemy and cause them to bleed. Leap and Dive Quickly leap forward. Leaping Barrage Leap into the air and unleash a barrage of attacks, reducing the enemy's defense. Musou: Terra Pierce Cause rocks to erupt from the earth for a powerful strike. Boulder Breaker Swing own weapon rapidly at enemies to daze them.

Peak Smasher Swing own weapon while spinning forward rapidly to send surrounding enemies flying. Serenity Slash Launch a mighty slash at foes in front of Xu Huang while improving critical chance. Mid-Air Crusher Leap up and spin rapidly to attack surrounding enemies.That was our refresher on the game, as we have already covered this, and had, in fact, come up with a general strategy guide for it. But this time, we shall be looking specifically at the topic of Officers, mainly how you can get rarer, higher-rated Officers in this game.

First of all, having high star-rarity heroes would ultimately become a must, as higher rarity heroes have better stats, thus allowing you a better chance of lasting long, let alone winning, in battle. What you ultimately want is to get heroes of five- or six-star rarity or better, and the first, most organic way for you to do this is to be very, very patient while grinding, and keep improving your Officers as you keep playing.

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Then again, you should have Officers with a fairly solid star rarity if you want to eventually have five- or six-star Officers, and the first thing you can do to get them is to complete the daily login missions. These would reward you with a four-star character, and while that may sound good enough as it is, future updates may allow you to win better, rarer Officers. Also, you can go to the in-game Market, and buy the Magical Edict.

Keep on grinding to earn more Ingots, and make sure you only spend this premium currency on the Magical Edict once you can afford it. Free draws might not sound too exciting when talking about the prospect of getting new heroes. But you will still be able to get a ton of Officers by taking advantage of your free draws; your Bronze Edict will allow you to collect five times a day without charge, while your Golden Edict will allow you to get a three-star Officer or better once a day.

There are social features in this game that you may or may not want to take advantage of, but the one you should be paying the most attention to is the option to join a guild.

The latter is important, because if you and your guild-mates keep donating, you will unlock reward chests, all exclusive rewards for joining the Guild to begin with. These chests come with special guild currency which you can spend at the shop and buy Officers with.

There are different types of quests in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, and these include your daily and you weekly quests. Completing both quest types will reward you with chests loaded with free stuff, but the most appealing freebies you can expect are the Ingots.

These special events change from time to time, but most of these events will allow you to win free Officers, or help make it easier for you to unlock additional Officers. You may be asked to reach a specific level in the event, or you may get freebies for competing and winning in the Arena.

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Sometimes, progressing through the main campaign to a certain point is all you need to get free Officer rewards. That means training them regularly and promoting them. This wraps up our guide for Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. If you know more tips or tricks to unlock rare heroes in the game, let us know in the comment area! Make sure you match officers to improve their abilities. Take Advantage Of Those Free Draws Free draws might not sound too exciting when talking about the prospect of getting new heroes.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook.

What map do u guys farm for food? Assuming I am not aiming for particular officer, just most cost effective spot to farm in general. Finally found it Thanks again! Is there something color, symbol we can lookout for? MakeMake wrote: hi guys, how do you identify the officer is a natural star. MakeMake likes this. Li Dian lazy to farm already. Dunno what to focus now, maybe CaoCao? Purely F2P. Farm gold mine ftw. Last edited by angelichound; at AM. I don't think u got more suay than me Really not worth.

I did once and regret. Sell it? Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On. Sponsored Links Embrace your creative potential! Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Assuming I am not aiming for particular officer, just most cost effective spot to farm in general For exp, Welcome lol. I need more Chen gong need him to be my main fire officer. Otherwise, you can refer to the "index" in which you can choose different colours for each officer.

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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – All Officers & Complete Tier List!

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dynasty warriors unleashed exp list

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